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Thrive Learning Collective is your premier source for Professional Development, Personal Transformation, and Affiliate Sources to help you live your best life.

The heartbeat of Thrive Learning Collective is our successful instructors and affiliates.  They are leaders who thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.  Just like Thrive Learning Collective, our affiliates have developed programs that share your desire and dreams for a better world. If you have the dedication to become the very best at what you do, we can guide you to build a blueprint for personal and professional success through Personal Transformation and Professional Development Training.

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Sandra Vesterstein, Founder of TLC

About Sandra Vesterstein – In Her Own Words

How NLP found me!

For many years I described myself as a racehorse stuck in the gate. I had all the energy and ambition driving me forward, but the two seem to struggle to work together in a way that would allow my dreams to come to true. Truth be told, there probably was a part of me that believed I wasn’t worthy of success.

At a very young age, I learned to run the pattern of being an excellent support person to other people who wanted to achieve success. I would forgo my wants and desires to make other people happy. . . Or so I thought.

As my parents walked on the final leg of their life’s journey, I began hearing the awakening call to my own soul’s purpose. With this awakening, I realized the more I welcomed the invitation to grow, evolve, and heal, the more clarity I received on how I wanted to express myself in life. My awakening was accelerated when I had an accident and suffered a concussion. During my healing process, it was determined that I was exhibiting symptoms of a  post-concussive disorder. After receiving this information, I asked the divine for guidance on how best to heal myself. I was guided to open up a book of resources that I had in my office, and there it was right in front of me . . . NLP.

What? I asked myself, “NLP? What does NLP have to do with healing me?”

I had taken online NLP courses years prior and found the techniques I learned to be useful with my coaching clients allowing them to achieve their goals much easier and faster. Instead of questioning this guidance, which I had done so often in the past, I listened and investigated  NLP training with curiosity. I wasn’t sure why I was being guided down this path . . . all I knew was that something inside of me told me to trust this guidance.” I was now looking at NLP from a whole new perspective of . . . “How can I use it to heal me?” I soon discovered an NLP Practitioner Training that I could attend in-person, and I fell in love with the subject matter.   Even after attending the training, I still didn’t understand the “Why.”  What I did know for sure is that I wanted to continue my education to earn my NLP Master Practitioner Certification. Once again, I asked for guidance,  and I was led to Bennett Stellar University.

I was introduced to the Traumatic Injury Relief process at Bennett Stellar University.  After the process was demonstrated in class, we were given the opportunity to practice the process with each other. It was then that I finally learned the “Why.” The immediate and long-lasting relief I felt was so profound, and I knew I wanted to use this process to help others alleviate symptoms associated with Traumatic Injury. It was like magic! I was also given another opportunity in this training to heal my life long struggle with depression and anxiety. My instructor, Michael Bennett, skillfully guided me to heal the root cause of my anxiety and depression with NLP and Hypnosis. 

Through my personal success with NLP and Hypnosis, I finally had the courage to honor my calling and began focusing my energy on developing my private practice and becoming a Trainer for NLP and Hypnosis.  Michael Bennett, the late founder of Bennett Stellar University, agreed to mentor me throughout my early years as a practitioner and I soon became a trainer for Bennett Stellar University. From 2009 until his passing in 2018, I participated independently and as a co-trainer with Michael. It was an honor to work side by side with such a gifted trainer and practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki.

Since Michael’s passing, I have continued my process of growing, evolving, and healing. In doing so, I have decided to honor my deeper calling and have created the Thrive Learning Collective. The mission of Thrive Learning Collective’s is to offer certification and personal development programs in NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and Reiki. Our programs serve individuals and businesses through integrative heart-based products and services. We are devoted to guiding people to transform spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically while nurturing the spirit, mind and body connection.