Change Made Easy: Thinking on Purpose

Change Made Easy: Thinking on Purpose
Anna Mancini and Sandra Vesterstein

As NLP Practitioners, we are excited to announce that the co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler has released his new book: Thinking on Purpose.

Thinking on purpose…now, what exactly does that mean? Having the awareness that our thoughts govern how we perceive and live in the world. With this awareness and practice, Change is not only easy, but it is made in a lasting way.

Our thoughts are predetermined by the perception of the unconscious mind which is based on past experiences. These thoughts then govern our perspective of the world, situations, people, places, experiences that not only live in the past, but in the future. Bandler says in ‘Thinking on Purpose’, “Most people don’t really ‘think.’ They ‘remember.’ How do we expect to create a new reality for ourselves when we are continually remembering our past experiences and applying them to our present moment and our future? What if we could think a new thought, and therefore feel what it would be like for our life to be different?

Our thoughts direct the unconscious mind to retrieve the evidence in our outer world that our thoughts and beliefs are accurate. The unconscious mind loves same-ness and will create experiences for us that will “prove itself right.” Let’s take this for an example, if a person has the belief that people are not trustworthy, the lens through which they look at their life, and the world will be continually searching for how this belief is true. As their friend, you’ll wonder why they always attract relationships, in which they are continuously lied to and hurt. Sticking with this example, we could have that person say to themselves every day “People are trustworthy” however, if their emotions and beliefs are not aligned with that affirmation, change may not come easy for them. However, if that same person imagined what they would feel like being surrounded by people they trust, how their interactions would be different, how their beliefs about them self and the world would change, and then say the affirmation while feeling all of these emotions, that is where change is made easy. This creates a new neuro-network for the brain and gives the unconscious mind the direction to attract new experiences into their life; experiences that reflect the new focus of their thoughts; that people are trustworthy.

Changing your thoughts changes your perspective. Changing your perspective changes your beliefs. Changing your beliefs changes your life. It doesn’t have to take years to change. Change is made easy when we bring conscious awareness of what is playing in the unconscious mind.

As the co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler shows us in his book how to think on purpose; how to be the driver of our life rather than sit in the passenger seat and let our thoughts take the wheel.

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Learn the art of changing your perspective!