I fired Anxiety as the boss of my life!

The day came when I fired Anxiety as the boss of my life and replaced it with Mindfulness and Love!

When Anxiety becomes the controlling boss in your life…

Anxiety competes with love for control of your future and closes off hope and inspiration of what can be. Love opens you up to all of the possibilities your future has in store for you to be, do and have.

In the past, I felt anxious most of the time. I was always looking for what could go wrong or how I wasn’t good enough. Anxiety was always competing with my loving heart for control. I allowed my anxious need for love, appreciation, and acceptance to become the boss of my life.

Today, I acknowledge that my attempt to control my future and others around me was my Anxiety in disguise. When Anxiety became the controlling boss in my life, it blocked me from experiencing love and joy. I had a hard time becoming consciously aware of this because my Anxiety was cloaked in controlling behaviors of being overly helpful or responsible.

The day came when I finally gave Anxiety its pink slip and have replaced it with mindfulness and love. Now, Anxiety only occupies a temporary position in my life. It only has control when I am in actual danger.

Now, whenever overly helpful or responsible behavior comes up in me, I check in and lean into it and ask what it wants for me. If I am doing it because I want someone to accept, love, or value me, I take a few deep breaths and say to myself, “you are already valuable, lovable, and accepted just as you are… relax…and then I see myself feeling completely loved, valued and accepted.

If Anxiety is being the controlling boss in your life, take back your destiny and step into love. Check out Conquering Anxiety Starting January 6, 2022.