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When emotions are bubbling up and making you feel uncomfortable, receive this bubbling as an invitation to heal yourself, thus healing the world.   If you are experiencing conflict in your outer world, ask yourself what conflict within me needs to heal so that external conflict can dissolve.

Learn to respond differently in situations where you have been quick to react in ways that make you or someone else feel less than.   Listen to the Thriveology of Living latest Podcast – “The Invitation”-Learn to see things from a higher perspective and bring the power of choice back into your life.

Soul Musing: Finding your way through loss and grief with Sandra Vesterstein.

Anna Mancini, of Anna Mancini Coaching,  shares with us the power to break habitual patterns by bringing conscious awareness to what is playing in the background of our unconscious mind through the practice of journaling.


Just Breathe, the Power of Integration
Gwen Payne, the founder of Inspired Sedona and Breath is Prayer discuss the power of integration and healing. 
Gwen passionately guides her clients to discover and come home to their true nature through breath, sound, movement, and coaching. Intuitively she employs and weaves together these modalities to assist her clients in embodying and staying consciously connected to their essential truth. 
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Effectively and productively working from a home office is all about a strategy. Whether you own your own home-based business, or you are working remotely, attaining the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment can be elusive. Let’s face it; sometimes, it is hard to turn work off when your office is in your home.  Many people, as of late, have been thrown into working from home.   A lot of these same people are finding they lack the coping skills and strategies to transition in and out of work and family life successfully while working from home.

Whether it is boundaries with your family or colleagues, self-care, or creating rituals to set you up for success, Troy DeSmet knows how to do it, he has personally implemented and guided others to develop their strategies to work from home effectively. Troy of Spark Executive Services has experienced tremendous success in the Organic Industry and as an Executive Coach for over 20 years, all while operating his business from his home. Learn how Troy set himself up many years ago by mindfully designing his home-based business strategy. Listen and Learn how you can develop your strategy to work from home successfully.