Thrive Integrative Coaching MasterClass

Thrive Integrative Coaching MasterClass

Become the Coach You Would Like to Hire

Coaching and Mentoring Program for Empowered Personal and Professional Growth

Attend the Thrive Integrative MasterClass, learn the methodology of coaching, master your skills, and receive mentoring and guidance to create a success plan for your business.

Comprehensive Training

Become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Integrative Coach, and Hypnotherapist.  In addition, earn certification as a DreamSculpting® Coach and Reiki Practitioner.  You will also acquire tools and techniques in complementary alternative healing modalities that will assist you in guiding your clients to an exceptional life.  


Throughout the year, you will be receiving feedback and support from Sandra.  Your completion of the MasterClass will provide you with a higher level of competence and confidence in your coaching skills.  You will gain clarity on targeting your ideal client and leave with a development plan for your thriving business.   Through the Thrive Learning Collective Mentorship Program, you will:

  • Be a competent and confident practitioner
  • Upgrade your coaching performance
  • Create a business development plan for your thriving business
  • Learn skills to run a business effectively
  • Develop your fee structure
  • Create a step by step structure for client sessions
  • Maintain ongoing support and guidance to refine your coaching skills
  • Learn how to position yourself in the market for your ideal client

Personal Transformation

Your six private sessions with Sandra will take you on a journey of transformation.  You will be clear on where you want to go in life and business and free yourself from barriers to your success.

Peer Coaching Program

Upon completion, you will have stepped into your unique style of coaching.  Through valuable feedback from Sandra and your peers, you will have successfully mastered your coaching competencies and strategies, and have a skill set of tools to gain consistent results with your clients.  

Advanced NLP 

NLP is an attitude, a methodology, and a technology.  It is a navigational tool used to guide clients to align their neurology and language to create successful strategies.  When their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and values align with the results, they want to achieve . . . we call that a strategy for success.

As an NLP Practitioner, you will:

  • Discover the human mind operating manual by learning how the brain organizes thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and language to produce results
  • Learn skills to build rapport and connection
  • Masterfully use language patterns to guide your clients to overcome phobias, conflicts, relationship issues, performance challenges, and more.
  • Modify or eliminate unwanted behaviors in yourself and your clients
  • Learn to elicit and install a mindset of success with your clients using language and hypnosis
  • Teach your clients to think on purpose
  • Guide clients to move from being problem-focused to be outcome-focused.
  • Learn to guide your clients to choose their emotions rather than excuse their behavior
  • You will become a master influencer of change

“I completed my NLP Practitioner & Hypnosis certification with Sandra the fall of 2019 and what an incredible and healing experience that was for my soul! Sandra is a wealth of knowledge who has a natural gift connecting with and teaching others.

Sandra helped me realize how much more potential to impact and help others I could have with the addition of these certifications in NLP & Hypnosis. Since returning I’ve added NLP & Hypnosis to my dog training businesses (coaching clients and other aspiring dog trainers). I’m able to not only help their dogs but also stop the cycle of the owner sending their fears and anxieties down the leash to their dog and then the dog sending it back.

Solving the second half of the root cause of the dog and owner relationship gives me an edge in my profession that is undeniable and incomparable. I have doubled my prices to reflect the positive changes I have made in other peoples lives. More importantly, Sandra helped me realize my potential through the personal development work.

This year I joined Sandra’s year long Master Class. We are able to dive even deeper into NLP and Hypnosis while getting 1:1 coaching and access to Sandra all year long.  I find the access to her to be priceless as we can ask questions directly and get feedback almost immediately. I’ve also learned about business coaching and how she runs a private practice. Sandra has created an incredible community online through her alumni group for a supportive community of other like minded people to cheer you on. 

I would highly recommend Sandra’s Master Class to anyone interested in NLP and Hypnosis that want to serve their clients on a deeper level or that want to get into life coaching, personal development and learn how the subconscious brain works.

Thank you Sandra for changing my life! I have so many incredible opportunities that presented after learning NLP & Hypnosis. I feel like I’ve found my purpose finally!”

Rhonda BilodeauCEO and Founder of My Dog Camp & Vermont Dog Pack

DreamSculpting® The Art of Making Dreams Come True

DreamSculpting is a unique Goal Achievement and Life Planning tool.  This tool provides a step-by-step framework for your clients to achieve their dreams by aligning their mind, body, and spirit. This proprietary process combines NLP, Hypnosis, Disney® Creativity Strategy, and Huna to systematically put the “Law of Attraction” into action. Through this powerful process, you will guide your clients to make a habit out of success. 

Don’t Leave Success to Chance, Become the Architect of Your Success


As a DreamSculpting® Coach, You Will

  • Ignite your clients’ imagination to all they can be

  • Guide your clients to become aware of what they truly want

  • Through the Neuro-Natural Wholeness™ process, guide your clients to identify and clarify their values to create value-driven goals and decisions.

  • Uncover your clients’ limiting thinking and beliefs to discover any internal saboteurs 

  • Have the tools to assist your clients in developing new, useful behaviors and beliefs

  • Employ tools for your clients to release and eliminate barriers to their success.

  • Assist your clients in creating a plan of action to achieve their goals.

  • Leverage the power of your client’s Dreamer state to create a vision for their success

  • Access the Planner within the client to design a blueprint for their success

  • Call upon your client’s inner Critic to identify any challenges or obstacles that could get in the way of achieving their goal

  • Use Reiki and Huna to assist your clients in vibrationally aligning their body, mind, and spirit with the goals they want to achieve

Hypnotherapy & The Art of Storytelling and Conversational Change

The Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy training provides students with the opportunity to guide their clients to release limiting patterns through hypnosis.  Student practitioners will serve as clients for their fellow students to experience their personal development.  In this role, students will be able to release limiting patterns and develop strategies for success.

Your conscious mind is the editor and your unconscious is the writer

-Steve Martin

As a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, you will:

  • Learn to be confident and competent when inducing anyone into the state of hypnosis, effectively, non-verbally, and conversationally

  • Utilize NLP and Hypnotherapy together to improve your client’s success in achieving their goals significantly

  • Master effective languaging patterns to elicit a trance-like state in your clients, which allows them to access solutions within themselves to create lasting change

  • Guide your clients to a place where they can feel free to explore options and discover better solutions

  • You will learn the power of using metaphors, analogies, and storytelling based on the Milton Erickson Model of Hypnosis, to guide your clients to make faster and lasting changes

  • Professionally guide your clients to realize their goals quickly and easily

  • Become Reiki I and II practitioners to reinforce energetic healing that occurs with Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy

  • Attain your Reiki Master certification which will allow you to teach Reiki Practitioner I and II 

Sandra continually adds energy healing modalities to the training, such as  Ho’oponopono, EFT, Bi-Lateral Brain Stimulation, HeartMath, and Mindfulness to complement, support, and reinforce your ability to guide your clients to lasting change. 


6 Private sessions with Sandra

Weekly webinars when we are not meeting in-person

NLP Practitioner (Attendance in-person)

NLP Master Practitioner (Attendance in-person)


Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach®

Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist®

TimeLine Coach and Trauma Release Specialist®

Sleight of Mouth

Advanced Meta Model

Advanced Meta Programs

Techniques in conversational change

Assigned accountability partner

Promotional presentation designed and completed by you

Energy psychology tools

Business Development Series

Guidance on creating your Business and Marketing Plan

Integrate The Abilities Of The Conscious, Subconscious, And Higher Conscious Mind!

Imagine experiencing the perfect balance of personal transformation and professional development all in one program. The MasterClass will offer you the opportunity to become the coach you’d like to hire.  Through this year-long journey, you will learn tools and techniques, you will coach and be coached, and I will assign to you an accountability partner to ensure your success. 

I will guide you personally to release limiting patterns of the past and, through the DreamSculpting® process, create an effective plan of success for your future. The DreamSculpting® process will ensure your personal and professional identity is aligned with how you want to show up in the world.

Your education will include both in-person and webinar training.  I will closely guide you to learn and apply NLP, Hypnotherapy, and alternative modalities such as Reiki, Ho’oponopono, EFT, Bi-Lateral Brain Stimulation, HeartMath, and Mindfulness to complement your education.  Combining these tools and techniques will allow you to guide your clients to create transformational change within themselves. 

The NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training is required to be attended in-person. You will continue to reinforce your learning throughout the year on webinar calls and required practice sessions.

After you have gone through the program’s personal development and professional certification portion, you will then focus on business development to foster your professional success.

Join Us In Sedona

Imagine experiencing your journey surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the Red Rocks of Sedona.  Sedona is a perfect location to re-new, re-store, and re-create yourself and put your mind and body at ease so that you can get the most out of your learning. 

Your newly acquired skills in NLP will give you the tools needed to instill lasting change in yourself and your clients. Allow Sedona to hold you close so that you have time and space to contemplate, create, and achieve your dreams.