“For Coaches, Health Professionals and Leaders
Ready to Exponentially Improve Your Results …”

Master NLP Practitioner | Clinical Hypnotherapist | LIfe Transformation Coach Certification


Whether you are a coach, therapist, counselor, or a professional in the fields such as law, health or sales, your capacity to influence will be multiplied when you complete this program.

This Mastery Class is an advanced level training program is designed to ensure your ability to facilitate positive change for yourself and others. It  is grounded in proven techniques, skills and praxis.

The 7-day, in-person training is comprised of 3 different components:







The final component of the Course is delivered online, giving you
Reiki Attunements for Levels I, II and Master.

Upon completion, you will receive the following Certifications

  • NLP Master-Level

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Life Transformation Coach

  • Reiki® I, II and Master Level

Due to the unique structure, delivery, and learning environment of the Master NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist Program, students gain professional skills while accelerating their own personal development.

WARNINGSide effects of this program may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active lifestyle, and an abundance of joy.

Prerequisites: The prerequisite for the Master NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist Program is the NLP Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach certification.

What Exactly IS “NLP”?

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence”
– Modern Psychology Magazine

The acronym, “NLP” stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is a collection of processes and techniques which guide people to create patterns of success that run automatically –– at the level of the subconscious mind.

Success in any arena of life is just a decision away.

Yet it is the quality of our decisions which determine the outcome. Poor quality decisions lead to unsuccessful results.

  • The quality of our decisions is based on the quality of our thoughts …

  • The quality of our thoughts are based on the quality of our feelings ...

  • And the quality of our thoughts and our feelings is based on the quality of our beliefs.

Learning to choose the most useful emotions to accomplish the task or decision at hand, therefore, is what defines a successful and happy person. Which is exactly what NLP’s processes facilitate like no other system out there!

In a nutshell, NLP programs people to think and make decisions for their own success –– in all areas of life.

Sandra Vesterstein is an authentic healer and teacher. She is devoted to providing a safe place for her clients to grow, and fosters an easy and fun environment to learn in. Sandra has great integrity and possesses many years of experience and knowledge in Coaching and NLP. I have seen her facilitate change in others and have watched as their lives are opened to a new way that bring greater connection to others and themselves, as well as a life of greater joy. I recommend Sandra wholeheartedly if you desire a life transformational experience.

Troy De Smet

I’m Not “Programmed” Am I?

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that we have all been “programmed.”

You read that right! Good, bad or neutral, from our very earliest years, we have received a variety of programming.

Family values, beliefs and attitudes are just the beginning of this “programming.” Mass media, the education system and the culture within which you were raised all contribute to the overall programming of your subconscious mind.

This programming is akin to an operating system in a computer: A good operating system ensures the computer and all software run smoothly. An outdated or “buggy” system, on the other hand, can cause quite a lot of trouble!

So wouldn’t it be beneficial to make conscious choices about how your subconscious “operating system” is programmed? We think so, and so do the thousands of graduates who have changed their own lives and are now guiding others to reach their potential.

The NLP Advantage

NLP is referred to as the “operating manual of the human brain” for good reason.

An NLP-trained Coach has an advantage over other Life Coaches because they can “read” both the  verbal and non-verbal cues from their clients. This is the NLP Advantage.

The neurological patterns that produce our behaviors, and thus our successes, (or lack thereof), can actually be detected with careful listening and observation.

Once a person’s neurological patterns are unveiled, they can be easily and successfully adjusted to produce more desirable results. This can and often does include helping someone make extreme improvements in their skills, abilities and strategies for success.

This is why NLP has become so popular among those who aim for big life aspirations. It also explains why NLP is the foundation of today’s most effective and prominent self-help authors, motivational speakers, and coaches of human potential.

Creating Patterns for Success

NLP Coaches are masters at creating strategies and patterns for success. We work with clients to design new patterns of thought and behavior so that they can attain their goals.

Here’s how it works …

The unconscious mind is the humble servant to the conscious mind. Now, because it is a “servant” it can only do what is asked of –– based on the patterns available.

So if the only patterns the unconscious mind has available are those that lead to failure or self-sabotage, those are the patterns it will follow.

How Does NLP Help People Do Things Like Quit Smoking?

For smokers, smoking is an effort to achieve a certain feeling. It could be comfort or stress relief, relaxation or focus. Whatever it is, the “pattern” of having a cigarette is set for the subconscious mind to follow.

So when the conscious mind says, “I need to relax!” or “I am feeling really uncomfortable” the subconscious mind goes into action, grabbing a cigarette!

Now obviously, smoking as a “solution” to achieve any goal has consequences that undermine one’s health. Ultimately, it is not a pattern for success. A new pattern is required.

As masters at creating patterns for their clients’ subconscious minds to follow, guiding them to releasing the barriers to success, a trained NLP practitioner develops a new pattern for their smoking client, then “installs” it in their subconscious mind.

The result is that the smoker is able to leave behind smoking not through willpower and suffering, but as a matter of course … because the unconscious mind has a new, more resourceful pattern to follow!

Human fist breaking cigarettes Anti smoking concept

The Art of Hypnosis – Master Tool for Transformation

Thrive Learning Collective’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification is one of the rare training programs worldwide which teaches hypnotherapy as an art form –– as well as a science.

We reveal to you the structure of how hypnosis works in a comprehensive format, and teach styles of hypnosis often neglected, or not fully understood, by most colleges and institutes.

If you want to help your clients make fast and lasting change, then learning how to tailor your communication to your client and their specific needs is essential.

Almost all other schools that provide hypnotherapy training teach their students to rely on reading and/or reciting pre-written scripts. This is similar to a presenter solely reading from his or her notes rather than speaking spontaneously from their heart.

At Thrive Learning Collective, we teach you how to create scripts on-the-fly that serve your client at a much deeper and more transformational level.

You’ll begin to develop a level of mastery in the art and technology of Hypnotherapy that is unavailable in many other schools.


Because as you leverage your NLP foundation (see prerequisites) you have what it takes to customize your own hypnotherapy scripts to suit each and every client’s unique needs.

And, thanks to the languaging patterns you will be mastering through your NLP training, you’ll discover just how easily you can hypnotize anyone, anywhere … helping them with almost anything.

The powerful combination customised scripting with the NLP Advantage is a skill set that puts you in the company of the world’s greatest hypnotherapists.

This comprehensive program provides you with the skills to. . .

  • Hypnotize Quickly
  • Hypnotize Effectively
  • Hypnotize Instantly
  • Hypnotize Non-Verbally
  • Hypnotize Conversationally
  • Hypnotize Energetically

Ericksonian Hypnosis, the Master Tool for Impactful Change

Mastery comes from modelling the Master himself, Milton Erickson.

Milton H. Erickson was an American psychologist and psychiatrist who developed powerfully effective hypnosis techniques to help his clients overcome a range of problems.

Erickson believed that the unconscious mind was always listening, and that hypnotic suggestions could be made during sessions with patients which would have an influence, whether they were in a trance state or not.

Erickson capacity to help people make powerful positive change by engaging the subconscious mind was exceptional.

Part of his success lay in his ability to carefully observe what the patient would respond to and then allow the unconscious mind to participate actively in the therapeutic process.

Milton Erickson developed numerous, effective techniques to induce trance states, and effecting positive change in his patients. You will learn and practice many of these in this course.

Careers That Benefit From NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy Skills

Life Coaches

Life Coaches

learn the techniques for uncovering critical information to change your clients’ – and your own – programming at a subconscious level. This makes achieving goals a natural process instead of a struggle.

Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals

learn new skills and strategies that supplement your own techniques. Plus, gain life-changing insights to help your clients support their own healing process.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

learn complementary techniques that improve your patients’ recovery rates. Learn how to elicit quality information from your patients to help them become more comfortable and receptive to treatment.



learn the skills of the Master Practitioner of NLP, which includes the work of NLP developers who model the skills of hypnotherapy legend, Dr. Milton Erickson. Ericksonian Hypnosis is the distilled work of this highly effective practitioner of hypnosis.

Body Workers

Body Workers

learn effective verbal and psychological skills that will reinforce healing and relaxation. Communicate with confidence and begin to facilitate powerful healing by understanding the psychosomatic relationship between your clients’ state of mental and emotional well-being and their physical health.

Counselors and Parents

Counselors and Parents

gain new strategies and learn motivational tools that guide individuals in making better choices which lead to consistent success.

Managers and Entrepreneurs

Managers and Entrepreneurs

use the information to dramatically reduce miscommunication and increase productivity and teamwork. Negotiations and problem-solving sessions are enhanced by NLP to create solution-oriented, win-win approaches.

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual Healers

incorporate NLP communication skills and therapeutic interventions of NLP, TimeLine Therapy into your practice to enhance your effectiveness.

Trainers and Educators

Trainers and Educators

learn new paradigms for inspiring and engaging students as well as effective techniques for dealing with challenging learning environments. You will be able to identify your own and your students’ learning strategies and thinking preferences. This will enable you to develop a more effective delivery.

Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals

learn to build strong rapport, elicit and fulfill the criteria and values of clients, and develop effective strategies for handling buyer’s remorse or future objections so that the sale is long-term and mutually satisfying. With the mastery of NLP and hypnotic language patterns, you will be able to sell with an irresistible influence.



overcome inner blocks and enhance creativity. Learn specific skills that will help you promote yourself and your work as a professional. You will learn how to connect to your unlimited inner resources and accelerate your abilities to express, create, and perform.

CEOs & Business Owners

CEOs & Business Owners

are impressed with the immediate effects this certification has in business. Your ability to establish clear goals, and then consistently access the course of action and resources to achieve them, can produce extraordinary results.

Lawyers, Consultants, and Leaders

Lawyers, Consultants, and Leaders

acquire elegant tools for taking your work to deeper levels with greater consciousness and certainty. The style and spirit of NLP consistently results in the ability to influence with integrity.

Athletes and Others

Athletes and Others

access your personal skills, techniques, and beliefs to make it possible to realize your full potential personally and professionally.

How Will You Benefit from This Certification?

In this Master NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification you learn the elegant communication skills of the world’s most influential leaders, in order to ensure rapport, trust, and connection with others.

Consider what this will mean to you when communicating with your clients, associates, and loved ones. You will be able to tailor-fit your communication to become irresistible – creating win-win environments and more harmonious relationships.

Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, NLP has been used effectively by Fortune 100 companies, therapists, consultants, teachers, and health professionals.

NLP has helped millions of individuals all over the world to …

  • Overcome fears

  • Increase confidence

  • Enrich relationships

  • Improve learning and

  • Achieve greater success

Be An Influencer with Impact –– Almost Effortlessly

Words are only 7% of the communication equation.

The truth is, you communicate beyond just words. Your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice all communicate an immense amount of information.

Incongruence between what your words say (that 7%) and what the rest of you “says” makes it difficult, if not impossible, to create rapport, trust or influence with others. This is because their unconscious mind is reading the entire, 100% of your message.

Since most of us are not consciously aware of our incongruence, we often find that our communication doesn’t receive the response or reaction we wanted.

Take a moment to think of what you’ve been able to accomplish so far, without purposefully leveraging 93% of your communication “tools” … Now imagine what you will accomplish once you know how to use that additional 93%!

As you come to understand communication congruence, your effectiveness skyrockets. In short, learning how to fully leverage your communication lets you become an influencer with impact.

With This Training You Can Expect to
Master the Following Influential Skills:

Would You Like to Be a Master of Influence?
Then This is the Program for You

The Master NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification lets you advance your skills for strategy-building for yourself and your clients, so that you become a “master of influence” in your field.

The master NLP training level is primarily made up of the work of NLP developers modeling the skills of Hypnotherapy Master, Dr. Milton Erickson. Ericksonian Hypnosis is the distilled work of this highly effective practitioner of hypnotherapy.

With the additional skill-sets of the world’s best clinical and medical hypnotherapists we’ve added, (such as the work of Dave Elman and others), you graduate as a highly-skilled and confident certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Plus . . .

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification Program combines the skill and artform of Milton Erickson as well as well energetic work of Franz Mesmer, (considered the father of hypnosis) combined with Attunements I, II and Master for the powerful healing modality of Reiki®.

  1. You’ll learn about the origins of hypnosis, which is known as Mesmerism. This is the energetic works of the father of hypnosis Franz Mesmer.
  2. You will also receive the “attunements” of Reiki® I and Reiki® 2. With the inclusion of this popular healing art, you can facilitate healing at the energetic and subconscious levels.

When you successfully complete this multi-faceted and skill-enriched professional Certification training, regardless of previous education or experience, you’ll be a professional who can positively transform your life and the lives of many others.

Where, When, and How

The Master NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification is offered four times each year in a live, classroom setting. CLICK HERE for details.

If you can’t get away for a continuous 8 days, you can choose to attend 4-day increments in the same or different locations.

During the course, you will gain hands-on experience in a small-group setting, optimized to ensure your success.