Aligning our Conscious, Unconscious and Higher-Conscious Minds to Achieve our Dreams

To many, dreams are believed to be elusive and whimsical and that they aren’t really attainable.  Others use their Conscious Will to attempt to force the gods into granting us our dreams like a magical genie.  

Neither of these efforts is effective in creating the life of our dreams or the dreams in our lives.  

We are gifted with three levels of consciousness.  The Conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind, and the Higher Conscious Mind.  

We’re all familiar with our Conscious Mind.  It’s that part of us that is always creating, thinking, dreaming up new ideas.  

The unconscious mind is that part of us that houses all of our beliefs and runs the programs created from those beliefs that we learned in the first 7 years of our lives.  We learned how to do affluence or how to financially struggle, and by that time we have probably learned to either be responsible for our decisions and behavior or to blame others when things don’t work out right. We learned how to do sickness or health, whether we developed love and respect or not. 

And NLP has many different processes and techniques that open up access to that part of our mind where those old programs reside and to be able to make changes where necessary.  Through NLP, we are able to discover all the things we learned as a child because we develop patterns out of those programs that we repeat over and over.  

NLP is a powerful tool that can set you up for success by syncing your conscious mind — the part you use to make rational and deliberate decisions —with your unconscious mind and it’s programs.  So, how does it work?

The Logical Conscious Mind

An NLP Coach is a specialist in business and life success strategies. Coaches work with their clients through their conscious mind or awareness. The Conscious Mind is the everyday mind. It’s the part of us that makes decisions, that analyzes the world around us, the source of logically processing information.  You make logical choices about what you want and how you will accomplish it with this part of your conscious mind.

Coaching techniques can include strategic planning, goal setting, and follow-up if all the client needs is a plan of action or guidance of what to do.


Re-Programming the Unconscious Mind

Top coaches such as Tony Robbins and most other prominent coaches, authors, and speakers are NLP trained in removing subconsciously programmed limitations, changing behaviors, and healing the root causes of self-sabotage and poor self-image in ourselves and our clients.

If you have a pattern of sabotaging yourself, the Unconscious Mind is usually the culprit behind it by hiding negative beliefs about yourself and the world.  When these unconscious beliefs conflict with our conscious thoughts, the result is a misalignment. 

Also, because the unconscious mind lives in the past, we keep re-living the story we’ve already written, rather than living the story we actually want to play out.  As coaches, we learn to use specialized techniques to reach this part of our client’s mind, which is completely necessary for change.

A Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist is a master of the use of persuasive language and emotional/behavioral change. As an NLP Coach, you will be infinitely more effective learning and using the hypnotherapist’s ability to influence physical and behavioral change.

An NLP Coach is a master of communication—both internal and external—and an expert in human programming and the removal of limitations that impede success. As a Hypnotherapist, this is a must-have skill set to achieve the results you seek.

Connecting to the Higher Conscious Mind

The Higher Conscious Mind is that creative spirit within us all that connects us to the universal energies. It’s our connection to the Divine, to the God Source and to Infinite Intelligence. This is where inspiration, new ideas, and intuitive solutions arise.

This is also where deeply-held beliefs from the Subconscious Mind manifest themselves, and where the Law of Attraction takes its cues. The Higher Conscious Mind is what we could call the delivery mechanism for everything in the Universe.

Aligning The Three Minds and Leveraging Them to Achieve Our Dreams

First, through the Conscious Mind, we guide our client to get very clear on what it is that he wants.  How does it look, feel, taste, smell, sound, what size is it and many other submodalities. NLP Coaches use our mastery of language to heighten their emotions around their dream to give it more sizzle.  In other words, “How good do you really want it?” What will achieving this goal make him feel?  Security, love, connection, freedom?  There are many emotions that achieving our dreams might cause us to feel.  

Second, we guide our client to discover the old limiting belief(s) that could sabotage his dream. For example, if your client was raised in a family in which he constantly heard that there’s “not enough money, food, fuel, work, love, opportunities”, he will likely have developed programs and patterns of thoughts, decisions and behaviors that support the “not enough” belief.

As Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapists we use appropriate techniques that allow our client to discover where that limiting belief began, eliminate it and install new useful beliefs that support his dream. Once the new beliefs about his dream are installed, our client will know exactly what he wants to achieve and, most importantly, he will finally believe he can achieve it.  

Third, we use a combination of tools such as meditation, chanting, affirmation, and prayer to guide our client to connect with his Higher Conscious Mind which has a direct connection with God, Divine Light, Infinite Wisdom, or any other names he may use for the “universal energies”.  This focused practice allows this Great Creator to witness our clear, Hi Def dream, armed with positive beliefs that it CAN be achieved, and the emotional juice, the level of desire behind it.  

From there, all of these universal energies will come together and have no alternative, but to bring his amazing dream to him.