Alleviating Anxiety

Over the past many months, NLP practitioners have reached into their own tool belts in order to maintain their own perspective and balance in order to continue assisting our clients. 

There’s no doubt 2020 was an incredibly challenging year and our services were needed more than ever.

We always want our clients to feel good, and as practitioners, we also need them to be relaxed and clear-headed so that they are in a resourceful state in order to do the underlying work necessary, such as releasing unwanted anger, eliminating limiting beliefs, parts integration, TimeLine Therapy, hypnosis or any change work.  

So, I want to share with you a very simple NLP technique that will quickly and easily change your client’s emotional state.

It’s so simple that some Practitioners might have overlooked it. If you yourself have moments of feeling anxious, be sure to use this process before working with clients.  You always want to feel relaxed, confident, competent, open and curious.  

Remember, your energy precedes you and consciously or unconsciously, clients will feel it.

Once you have begun accessing your familiar resourceful feelings once again, guide your clients into this breathing technique.


  1. Get in touch with and name the feeling you want to replace 
  2. Rate the intensity of the feeling from 0-10
  3. Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve by

    using the 7-11 breathing technique:

    • Inhale to the count of 7 
    • Exhale to the count of 11
    • Repeat until the client’s physiology shows signs of changing to a more resourceful state
  1. Break State
  2. Have client choose the emotion(s) s/he would rather feel 
  3. Invite the client to “Remember a time you felt that feeling”, and 

    intensify it for your client using powerful sub-modality work.

  1. Have client identify behavior when s/he is feeling those desired

    emotions.  Invite the client to:

    • put their shoulders back
    • sit or stand up taller
    • move more powerfully and purposefully
  1. Perform the desired healing or change work
  2. Check client’s results and make adjustments if necessary 
  3. Have client rate from 0-10 how s/he feels.  If necessary, repeat steps 6-10 until you get desired results 

And don’t underestimate the power of simple processes.  They have been used successfully by all of the top NLP Master Practitioners for a very long time.  

They built their reputations on many of these techniques . . . and you can, too.