How NLP can help your career and business thrive

I work with companies of all sizes, with executives and founders, sales teams, and individuals who want to succeed in their careers.  One thing they all have in common – is the desire to improve performance, be more successful, be better communicators, and know effective strategies to resolve conflicts and overcome challenges.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a unique discipline that combines psychology, neurology, and linguistics to help manage the connection between our mind and our body.  Knowing how to manage this connection allows us to be more effective communicators and get more of what we want in life.

In simple terms, understanding NLP helps us live more successfully, communicate more efficiently, and ultimately take control of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes.  We can reduce stressful situations in the workplace through better communication skills by understanding the power of language and how language effects our physiology.  The ability to adjust our communication to be aligned with the desired outcome of the situation is an effective strategy to achieve a successful result.

NLP helps us build connections.  Understanding how others process information is critical in connecting with customers, co-workers, and bosses successfully.  For example, there are three learning modalities – visual, auditory, kinesthetic.  Studies show that 65% of people process information visually, 30% auditorily, and 5% kinesthetically.  Listening for language is one way to get clued in on how someone is processing information, and if you use similar language, you will be in greater rapport, experience better communication, and enhanced connection because people feel heard and understood.

Utilizing effective NLP skills in coaching, business, and your career can influence profits and your success because it helps you to capitalize on languaging and the power to influence. The training results in mastering the skillset of influence through building connections and by developing a more consciously strategic mindset

Gaining the skill to see situations from a new perspective is a strength of NLP.  This is especially helpful when a team consistently needs consultation to handle routine affairs, which can be a time consuming and exhaustive task or if you are seeking to become a valuable asset to your employer.

When experiencing conflict or challenges, people can become overly emotional, resulting in cutting themselves off to solutions and potentially making a mess of the situation.  A high-quality solution is never found, focusing on the problem.  Thrive Learning Collective’s NLP Training guides you to develop skills to become aligned with the outcome you want to attain. Through this practice, you will organically gain access to resources that will help to resolve the situation. By utilizing these skills, change that at one time may have taken days, weeks, or months begins immediately. My clients find these tools effective and fun to learn.

Creating healthy and effective communication in and amongst teams is vital for a business to thrive. Having an NLP skillset helps to identify and optimize the positive intention behind teams and their members. Utilizing NLP in teambuilding is valuable in getting all departments on board because it focuses on the positive intention of each department.   Through NLP, team members gain understandings that departments are components of the whole organization, and each department’s success feeds the success of the entire organization. Building a cohesive relationship between departments and teams allows for a business to grow and thrive by leveraging the strengths of all those involved and becoming an outcome-focused forward-moving organization.  This is especially applicable in sales organizations that reward for results and closing the sale.  Adopting an outcome focus attitude goes a long way in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and retention. Embracing this attitude increases business.

An example of using NLP: In a company, I was coaching and training, one of the managers, was not getting along with the CEO of the company. The manager felt that the CEO was just out for himself and didn’t care about the employees. This is a common dynamic seen in many corporations.  After taking the manager through an NLP process, he was able to see the situation from a different perspective. He ended up seeing how his behavior was effecting the dynamic, and he learned that the CEO did care about the company and the employees. They just had a different way of expressing it. After the process, the team became more cohesive because the CEO and manager began working more effectively with each other. 

NLP is used personally, professionally and to enhance successful business management and sales by companies all over the world. The use of effective NLP coaching for you personally, professionally and in business will help to:

  • Create a culture of excellence with employees
  • Increases employee retention,
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Create employee and customer loyalty
  • Cultivate an overall environment of growth and prosperity.