Manage Your Mind, Manage Your Life

Just imagine what you could do if you no longer had to spend the time and energy on reminding yourself that you’re “trying” to think only positive thoughts.  

Or I’m wondering if you can imagine that you no longer had to “monitor” or “screen” your thoughts for so that you can remember that the only difference between happiness and sadness, anger, frustration and all those other thoughts that make you feel crappy. . . the ONLY difference is your thoughts.

Now can you also imagine how much more you could accomplish, how much more fun and freedom you’ll have and how happy you will feel when you learn how to manage those thoughts . . . unconsciously? 

There are many times in life when our unmanaged, unwanted emotions result in our acting out in unloving, unhelpful and, yes, destructive ways.  And when those emotions pass, we can occasionally find ourselves making excuses for our behavior.  “I was tired and cranky”, “I had a bad day at work”, “My car broke down” in an attempt to apologize.  

Now, can you see the benefits of choosing your thoughts rather than excusing your behavior?

Of course you can, because as a trained NLP Coach you would be in control of your thoughts.  You wouldn’t allow your out of control thoughts to sabotage you. 

Well, let’s talk about that for a minute. 

One of many things I enjoy teaching my MasterClass students, is practicing the many NLP processes available where they learn to direct their conscious thoughts in order to guide their clients to healing.  

The great benefit for my students is that as they learn to direct their conscious thoughts, their unconscious learns a new way of being, and they are able to uncover and heal many of their underlying wounds that are, in fact, our internal saboteurs.  When those wounds and internal saboteurs are healed, guess what?  Students experience much more emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  

When we tie it all together it means that you learn to manage those thoughts, which means your underlying beliefs are changed, the quality of your thoughts improve, the quality of your behaviors improve and you become the authentic person you’ve always wanted to be. 

And becoming “authentic” is the difference between having to be consciously on guard about what you’re thinking and how you’re behaving, and having your thoughts and behaviors aligned with your beliefs so that they happen more unconsciously. 

I call this being “unconsciously congruent”. Congruent with what?  With your innate values.  When your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with your values, there will be no more getting stuck in anxiety, depression, anger. You will be in a new state of being, which as you employ any number of tools to guide your clients to wellness, you are consciously and unconsciously using those tools to guide yourself into your best life ever

So, you’re probably wondering how to become unconsciously congruent.  

You can begin by enrolling in ongoing NLP training, joining an NLP Masterclass, and by modeling the lives and success secrets of NLP legends such as Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and Tony Robbins, and applying them in your life. Any of these options will allow you to gain more competency, thus becoming more aligned with your goals and dreams making them more easily achievable.

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