Mary Rosenquist is the founder/owner of Riverwalk Hypnosis and Wellness Center, Inc., which offers Hypnotherapy and Reiki for a calmer mind and a healthier lifestyle plus much more. Before devoting her work full time to Riverwalk Hypnosis, Mary served many years in corporate roles, training, mentoring and developing individuals and teams with successful outcomes. Understanding the stress and conflicts in daily lives, Mary has a passion for helping others succeed, find balance and achieve goals.

Having served the roles of wife, mother, step-mother, step-daughter, career woman, healer, adoptee, and life-long Cub fan, Mary has gained insight to life’s ever-changing landscape, the challenges, and rewards.

Degrees and Certifications

* Bachelor of Science Business degree – Eastern Illinois University

* Clinical Hypnotherapist- Bennett Stellar University

*Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist – Bennett Stellar

*Reiki Master – Bennett Stellar University

*TimeLine Coach & Trauma Release Specialist – Bennett Stellar

*Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach – Bennett Stellar


*National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH)

Services provided through

Video-Conference, Telephone, In-person