Our life is the meaning we give it, and our purpose flows outwards from our inner beliefs. If you are in a transition in your life, are looking to reframe your goals, and achieve your greatest dreams then look no further. 

Troy De Smet embraces a humanistic approach to personal and professional healing. Each individual is unique and should be treated as such. There is no cookie cutter formula to living your best life. Everyone has the capacity to dream big and reach those dreams. Troy learned first hand how to achieve his business goals with hard work and by persevering. He also learned that pushing too hard comes at a high price. It almost cost him his life.

After suffering an aortic dissection it took a holistic approach to heal the behaviors that created the problem in the first place. Some Troy’s educational background that supported this shift includes: Virginia Satir’s Human Validation Process Model, taught by my mentor Steven Young, and certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, obtained through the Thrive Learning Collective. In business Troy became the largest organic wheat buyer in North America, culminating with the sale of his business in 2019. The lessons from his lived experience offer a perspective rooted in growth and vitality.

Ideally it is about finding flow, like resting when you are tired or giving up on the idea of perfection in relationships. Being the ‘perfect’ partner, executive, or parent is a way of setting goals that sacrifices the essence or spark of the individual.

It time to explore your story, shine a light on patterns that no longer serve you, and release blockages that prevent you from achieving who you were born to become. 

*I am a member of the “Healing of America” Program.


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  • Certified Transformational Coach

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