Conquering Clarity


Alright Already… Enough of this fear-based thinking!

Worrying will not change the outcome; becoming Clear on what Direction to take and Creating a Plan Will!

  • Are you stuck in fear?
  • Do you keep procrastinating on taking action towards securing your future?
  • Are you swimming in a sea of doubt?
  • Are you afraid of making the wrong decision?

Maybe you lack clarity on the direction you want to take your life.

Ok…Let me guide you to lift the Fog of Fear & Uncertainty!

Whether you want to gain clarity or need help in creating a plan for success in your profession, relationship, health or

overall life… Thrive Learning Collective’s Conquering Clarity Workshop will get on the fast track to success.

Jump in for our 8 weekly Interactive Group Coaching Sessions

You will be guided through a step-by-step process to:

  • Get clear on what you want and create an action plan to get you there
  • Identify & release what is holding you back
  • Build your winning mindset
  • Learn a system of manifestation you can use over & over again to reach your dreams
  • Increase your sense of security, confidence, and overall well-being.
  • Make better decisions

The Conquering Clarity Workshop also includes:

  • 8 weekly one and one-half hour interactive group coaching sessions
  • 30-minute planning session with Sandra
  • Journaling workbook
  • Recorded guided meditations to support your growth and development