Professional Certifications

Ready to take your practice to the next level?

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from others through a heart-centered approach to life and business coaching?

Top coaches are continuously looking for ways to distinguish themselves in a changing industry.  Through Thrive Learning Collective professional development programs, they are finding ways to use the speed of change to their advantage and offer more value to their clients.

Our Thrive Learning Collective programs are designed to produce the most knowledgeable, skilled and competent coaches and hypnotherapists. When you learn the language of the mind, you can quickly and easily guide your clients to levels of change beyond their own expectations.


To see if you’re ready, take our short CAREER READINESS QUIZ.  In just a few short minutes, you’ll receive an instant report to measure your path to success in the career you are considering.

There’s a universal call for those in the healing arts to make the commitment to find more effective ways to guide their clients to success. Due to the unique structuring of our courses, you will experience massive amounts of personal transformation in the process.

Our Coaching and Hypnosis programs provide a heartfelt, supportive and fun learning environment. The courses are structured in a way to provide you with practical tools in an interactive, entertaining, and resort-style atmosphere that makes learning neurologically easier.

You will benefit from our new hybrid institute that maintains all the superior credentialing of attending traditional educational institutions. Additional advantages include lower tuition rates, condensed course scheduling, alternative methods of therapy training and exotic, refreshing learning environments.

The choice is yours:

Attend a night school for several months in a stark-white, dry classroom? OR

. . . Attend a school that creates a whirlwind of fun and learning at enchanting resorts and spas.  Online study for most subjects is also available.

Our Thrive Learning Collective Programs include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the foundation for long-term changes in any field or industry, Life Coaching Program, Life Transformation Coaching Program, Hypnotherapy, Master Neuro-Linguistic Coach / Hypnotherapy

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